One Day in Tokyo 東京

December 8, 2016


What a great day! By my pedometer we walked 9.8 miles, and encountered some great things along the way.

Where we went:

Words for next time:

  • O-hi-sa-shi-bu-ri - お久しぶりです。Good to see you after so long.
  • O-tsu-ka-re-sama-deshita お疲れ様でした。Goodbye - at the end of the workday (Thank you for your hard work). 
  • Domo arigatou go-zai-masu どもありがとうございます。Thank you (polite).
  • O-hayou-go-zai-masu おはようございます。Good morning. 
  • Tashi-kan-ni 確かんに。I agree/Indeed.