Japan Explorations for the Culturally Curious


こんにちは (hello)!

Discover Here

We are on a quest to discover the experiences both known and unknown. From adventures you can’t find online like a tour of a transition town making its way from oil based electricity to sustainable sources, to the more traditional like a tea ceremony, we spend our spare time personally discovering so we have an authentic voice on each recommendation we offer.

Connect Here

We have a network of wonderful local people that are passionate about sharing their culture and we would love to connect you to them.  

Learn Here

We believe through research and learning of the local language, culture and history that all visitors can leave with a deep connection to both the people and places of Japan. We want everyone to have an opportunity to form their own opinions, practice speaking Japanese (don’t worry, it’s encouraged!) and dive into the traditions that go far beyond just visiting. 

Make Here

We believe in experiencing Japan through using your hands. Crafting food, textiles, pottery or a variety of other offerings, crafting with the locals brings the artist to life in us all. 



What We Offer

We create customized, immersive and down-to-earth travel experiences that answer the question, “What is it like to live and play in Japan?” We do this through experiences focused on learning, discovery and connection. Our goal is to have you leave Japan with all new possibilities you can take back with you in your own life.

Email us at e@behere.asia to talk more about your specific trip and how we can support.

Photo by   Yulia Skogoreva