5 Fabulous Instagrams to Follow for Tokyo Inspiration

If you are planning a visit to Tokyo and looking for insight on where to go and what to do, here are 5 of my favorite Instagram/blog accounts.

Entrance to the Nezu Museum - gardens are not to be missed.

Entrance to the Nezu Museum - gardens are not to be missed.

Follow along and get inspired about art, design, dining and nightlife:



The best of art and architecture in Japan - hands down. 

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People Make Places

Really delightful profiles of the humans that run Tokyo businesses. Also available as a book and an app.

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Curated bars, shops, restaurants. Gorgeous art direction.

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Design Made in Japan

Because the Japanese get good design and you can delight from it.

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3331 Arts Chiyoda

An Alternative Arts Center, housed in an abandoned school in the heart of Tokyo. Love their lense into the local art scene.

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Just what you need to get super excited about your upcoming travels.

Japan daydreaming abound!



It's currently sold-out, but if you can get your hands on the next run of Hello Sandwich's, Tokyo Zine, it has great recommendations for cafe's and shops in neighborhoods around Tokyo.