Love. Love. Love.

Location: Inn the Park, Numazu, Shizuoka, Japan

Date: April 11th, 2020

Time: TBD

When and Where?


How to get to Japan?

Numazu is close to Tokyo, so we recommend everyone fly into one of Tokyo’s two airports, either Narita or Haneda. Narita Airport is located about 1.5 hours from the city—Haneda Airport is about 40 minutes from the city. Both are well connected by train and bus.

From Tokyo to our event venue we can take the Shinkansen (bullet train) and then a local train — total travel time is about 1.5hrs. We’ll share more specifics about travel as we get closer. We are planning to have shuttles bring guests from Numazu Station to Inn the Park, and back at the end of the day.

When to arrive?

For those interested in cherry blossoms we recommend coming a bit before the wedding to try and catch the last of them (2020 Forecast)!

Coming a few days before the event will also give you time to adjust to the time difference. We’ll plan events for the days leading up to the 11th, so you can experience what we love about Tokyo!

Where to stay (before the wedding)?

Airbnb is a great option in Tokyo — some of our favorite neighborhoods are: Meguro, Ebisu, Nakameguro, Yoyogi, Yoyohi-uehara, Shibuya

For reasonably priced hotels close to Eiji and Elizabeth, check out: MyStays Gotanda, Mitsui Garden Hotel Gotanda, Ebisuholic Hotel, Tokyu Stay Gotanda

For more expensive hotels close to Eiji and Elizabeth, check out: Hotel Gajoen, Claska, Miyako Sheraton, The Westin

Not close to Eiji and Elizabeth, but still worth exploring: Hotel Chizanso, Yuen Shinjuku, Nohga Ueno, Park Hotel, Kaisu Hostel, Innsomnia Akasaka

Where to stay (during the wedding)?

We’ll be able to host 50+ guests at the event venue Inn the Park (note: we’ll only have communal showers + baths, like a Japanese ryokan)

And for the additional guests that would like to stay the night and not have to rush to make the last train home, we recommend: Numazu Club (luxury), Daiwa Roynet Hotel Numazu (business), Cocochee Hotel (business), Shizutetsu Hotel Prezio Numazu (business), Izu Mitohama Shotokan (ryokan)

How far in advance to book flights & hotels?

We recommend booking sooner than later. The Spring is one of the most popular times in Japan and can get competitive for flights and accommodations.

What to bring?

Please just bring yourself, something warm to wear as the sunsets. We so appreciate that you can celebrate with us, no need for presents, your presence is your present!! That being said, Elizabeth loves cards, so if you write a card and give it to Eiji and her, she will be eternally happy.

We’ll be adding in a schedule for the days leading up to the 11th, and then a more detailed schedule for the 11th in the days and weeks to come, stay tuned!

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