An Idea for After the Wedding: Olympic Torch Relay

The Olympic Torch will be making it’s way around Japan next year in anticipation of the start of the games at the end of July. If you wanted to go to one of the smaller towns and participate in the revelry as it passes by, it will be in Nara and Osaka for the days after the wedding! You can find more information about the schedule here. This is a great way to participate in the Games without having to make another trip back in July/August/September.

Olympic Torch

Additional Recommendations for your Time in Japan

As you know, Elizabeth runs a travel company that highlights more remote regions of the country. If you are planning to travel around either before or after the wedding, here are some destinations to consider:

  • The Peninsula just off Numazu—Izu—is a paradise for nature and history lovers. If you want to explore the area before or after the festivities check out:

  • Yakushima - an island off the coast of Kyushu with 1,000+ year old trees

  • Fukuoka - fun city on the Western Edge of Japan, good for street food

  • Miyakojima - one of the tropical islands off of Okinawa, the bluest ocean with lovely snorkeling and local culture

  • Hiroshima + Onomichi - Hiroshima is so historic and peaceful, and puts you into perfect proximity to bike the Shimanamikaido, a series of six bridges that connects Hiroshima to Shikoku

  • Seto Inland Sea - this inland sea is the setting for many fairy tales in Japan, the current attraction however, are the Art Islands

  • Shikoku - home to a sacred 88 temple pilgrimage, also has a deep gorge, and beautiful nature

  • Kumano Kodo - an ancient Pilgrimage trail that crosses the Wakayama Peninsula, normally takes about 4 nights and 5 days

  • House of Light - a James Turrell Art Piece that you can sleep in. The Mueller’s had Thanksgiving here in 2016.

  • Lake Biwa - just outside of Kyoto, super historic, minus the crowds

  • Noto Peninsula + Kanazawa - rich in art and history, some of Elizabeth’s favorite ryokans are located in this area

  • Kyoto - a must visit for a first-timer in Japan, the country’s capital for over 1,200 years, will be hosting the annual photography festival around this time

  • Shiretoko - a national park on the northernmost island of Hokkaido - pristine, in April, probably still very snowy

  • Sapporo - Home of Sapporo beer, delicious soup curry, and surprising art pieces, just a charming, northern city